Get Equipped

You are your greatest investment so INVEST in YOURSELF. Many say, "I can't afford to." You can't afford not to.  

-E. F. Brooks

I Know My Value has several proven resources, techniques and knowledge to help you jump start your road to success and increase your value personally, professionally and in the marketplace. Get supplied with tangible tools to make your future come to life.



Author Coaching

Most NY Times Bestsellers are never written. Share your knowledge, testimony & gift with the masses. Too many books are buried in graveyards."Die Empty" - Miles Munroe. Author Coach Erica Brooks can take you from pen to published!

Introducing Intentional Tuesdays... 

Whatever you do, be intentional.  God has given you the ability to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18).  “How?” Great question!  On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday, I Know My Value and our seasoned partners will help equip individuals, families, and groups with practical information, resources and tools to help you to take your vision, talents, gifts and book to the marketplace and thrive (monetize your gift and build your brand).  Here is a glimpse of what’s coming up.... 

  • How to Start a Business With Little Money 

  • Building Legacy & Leaving an Inheritance 

  • How to Get Published in 90 Days

  • Branding Yourself & Business 

  • 360 Degree Wealth

  • Grant Writing Basics

  • SMART Goal Setting & SMART Analysis 


Fe-nomenal Female & Fiscally-Fit

What will women take away?  Fe-nominal, Fe-male & Fiscally Fit is a vigorous financial coaching program shaping women that “success is “intentional” and a participation sport to reach her full potential.  Each Fe-nominal Female will receive…

·         Receive personal customized deliverables and a financial plan

·         Gain access to licensed Financial Advisors

·         Obtain behind the scenes golden nuggets that are not common-knowledge to individuals outside of the banking and finance industry

·         Gain special access to tools for continual Financial Fitness & Maintenance and more.  

·         Learn to how to take a concept from vision to implementation

·         Bonus (The Business of Business)

Although women will be building their net-worth, introspectively they will learn that their “Net Worth is Not their Self Worth” and how to remain true to self.  “Fe-nomenal, Female, & Fiscally-Fit” is a life-changer that ladies abroad don’t want to miss! 


Ghost Writing Services

Greetings Future Author & Bestseller,

Thank you for your interest in securing a Ghostwriter.  Time robs many of us of our destiny; therefore, the time is now to live our dreams.  That is why I Know My Value is passionate about helping you buy your time back and pursue your dream of being a published Author.  Our Ghostwriters capture your book from your heart, to a manuscript, to a published work, and you get all the credit.  Our writers will help you get your books on bookshelves and in shopping carts online abroad.