Get Equipped

You are your greatest investment so INVEST in YOURSELF. Many say, "I can't afford to." You can't afford not to.  

-E. F. Brooks

I Know My Value has proven resources, techniques and knowledge to help you jump start your road to success and increase your value personally, professionally and in the marketplace. Get supplied with tangible tools to make your future come to life.


Introducing Intentional Tuesdays... 

Intentional Tuesdays is an hour of power held twice monthly live, via webinar or radio.  It is themed with varied business topics or biblical teachings and facilitated by seasoned professionals in their area of expertise. Below is a glimpse of topics covered.

  • 360 Degree Wealth

  • How to Start a Business With Little Money

  • Building Legacy & Leaving an Inheritance

  • The Business of Church


Fe-nomenal Female & Fiscally-Fit

What will women take away?  Fe-nominal, Fe-male & Fiscally Fit is a vigorous financial coaching program shaping women that “success is “intentional” and a participation sport to reach her full potential.  Each Fe-nominal Female will receive…

·         Receive personal customized deliverables and a financial plan

·         Gain access to licensed Financial Advisors

·         Obtain behind the scenes golden nuggets that are not common-knowledge to individuals outside of the banking and finance industry

·         Gain special access to tools for continual Financial Fitness & Maintenance and more.  

·         Learn to how to take a concept from vision to implementation

·         Bonus (The Business of Business)

Although women will be building their net-worth, introspectively they will learn that their “Net Worth is Not their Self Worth” and how to remain true to self.  “Fe-nomenal, Female, & Fiscally-Fit” is a life-changer that ladies abroad don’t want to miss!