Know Your Value in the Marketplace

Entrepreneurs, stop going on clearance and giving everyone the “hook-up” when you Know Your Value.  We all invest in what is import to us.

For years, my business consulting rates were below market rate because people typically acted like they did not have resources to invest in their business.  THEN I came to myself.  We all invest in what is important to us.  Very often, people have paid others (strangers and mainstream companies) tons of money and came to me to correct the problem PROBONO.  I allowed it; however, I came to myself understanding that I go beyond call of duty, I am available during untraditional hours and I am constantly growing my knowledge.  Knowing my value, it was necessary to adjust my consulting cost structure accordingly.

Listen entrepreneurs, when customers know their value in the marketplace, they invest in what makes them more marketable.  Negotiate your fees when you’re led, but never out of obligation or entitlement.  Know Your Value. I Know My Value.