Give the Gift of Entrepreneurship

Mothers & the Marketplace 

Mothers & the Marketplace is an outreach to provide motivated single mothers with the gift of entrepreneurship.  With the demands of everyday life and the need to generate income to provide for family, I Know My Value believes that entrepreneurship gives single mothers more balance to work and spend time with their children, it their teaches children through action about the importance of ownership, starting a business or becoming part of a business is an awesome supplement or replacement of income, and entrepreneurship helps mothers live Proverbs 12:33.  “A good man (woman) leaves an inheritance to his (her) children’s children…”  

Your tax deductible donation to Mother’s & the Marketplace will help give women a quantum leap in the economy and the world of business (i.e. marketplace) via a “business development scholarship.”  Motivated single mothers will be provided with free coaching (mindset shifting, money management, the business of business and more), training and business development services to include: Foundation of LLC, Inc., Sole Proprietorship or other, development of Bylaws, Business license, marketing kit, and a special bonus.  I Know My Value and partners will have consistent touch points and training of scholarship recipients.