Move In Silence or Tell it on the Mountain?

There is a new trend of “moving in silence.” Coach Viedra Sullivan addressed it recently.  Also, Alexis Jarrett, CEO of Grace Media and I were approached while in production for an upcoming event to HELP churches by a gentleman saying. "Churches should not advertise.  Jesus never advertised."

Hmm… We understand that everything done does not need to be public knowledge; however, in silence, how would people know the mission, vision, service times, does the church offer children’s church, their community involvement, etc.?  In business, how would people know what products, services or events business offered and upcoming if ONLY moving in silence? 

The giant retailer Amazon is having a Prime Sale kicking off today.  How would we know if Amazon ONLY moved in silence?  When airlines blast their last minute deals, how can we take advantage if Delta, Southwest, United, etc. ONLY moved in silence?  When an author releases a book, how can we support it, give reviews making it a bestseller if it’s hush, hush between the inner court? When we get gas, how do we know what gas station has lower rates, if BP, Quick Trip, Chevron, etc. do not advertise cost on their sign? Should we have to go in and ask, how much is your regular unleaded, etc.? According to Forbes, advertising is a $600 billion and growing at a 5% rate.  According to IBM, by 2021, Content Advertising is expected to be at $775 billion.  People go to social media pages and websites before picking up the phone.  If an organization ONLY moves in silence an, “People don’t support me.”  We can say, “We want do, but we didn’t know.”

This is simply food for thought. Each individual and entity are ofcourse free to operate how it chooses.  I Know My Value believes we offer great products and service that were once, "the best kept secret." We choose now to shout it on the mountain.