Our Mission ... 

To make a global impact on the world by providing spiritual, practical and transformational teachings, resources and tools to equip diverse individuals, families, and organizations on identifying and increasing their value personally and in the marketplace. 


About the Founder...


Erica F. Brooks is the Founder and Chief Consulting Officer Officer of I Know My Value Marketplace Consulting, LLC.  Erica boldly declares, “I Know My Value” because Jesus paid the price and helps the masses activate Proverbs 18:16, “A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.” This is done by imparting wisdom and sharing biblically-sound and practical information, resources and tools to help diverse individuals, families, and organizations identify and increase their value spiritually, personally, and in the marketplace.  

Armored with the gift of teaching, administration, wisdom and 21 years in the trenches financial expertise, Erica served the metro Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia community for over 15 years and gave birth to “More Than Conquerors (MTC)” Financial Empowerment Program which specialized in credit repositioning, homebuyer education, foreclosure prevention (100% success rate) and overall financial fitness.  

In 2007, MTC Financial Empowerment Program shifted under the umbrella of a non-profit organization where Erica served as the Program Manager for Professional Services and Business Development working along-side the Founder and CEO helping entrepreneurs with the business of business (business formation, securing 501(c3) status, business planning, development, market analysis, coaching and more.). In the recent two years alone, Erica Brooks has helped over 31 business owners and spiritual leaders with launch. 

I Know My Value, LLC

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