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It's time to shift from the rat race portion of building businesses, ministries and churches and pivot to advancing the kingdom and building wealth.

  • ️Are you a spiritual leader ready to accelerate personally, grow your ministry and advance the kingdom?

  • Are you a Believer who is ready to thrive vs. survive?

  • Are you in the marketplace and want to work smarter vs. harder?

  • ️Do you have colleagues, colaborers, a team, family and/or friends who are ready to build?

  • Are you tired of the rat race of chasing money and ready to pivot and build wealth?

  • ️Are you tired of conference pep rallies and need practical knowledge, resources and tools to thrive?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Shift Summit is for you.

Expect to Shift....

  • From Making Money to Building Wealth

  • From Having Church to Advancing the Kingdom

  • From Believing to Knowing

  • From Getting Ready to Being Ready


Host/Facilitator: Dr. Norman Hardman


Register Here:



Erica has the ability to weave together spiritual and natural business processes that yield fruitful results!

Jonathan Smith, Lawyer

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God has given you the ability to get wealthy. We provide your custom roadmap.
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Wealth Building Strategist & Coaching.

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