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Finish Wealthy™ Accelerator
Erica Brooks Henry, Wealth & Marketplace Strategist &
Surprise Gurus.

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Shift from the rat race of making money and pivot to building wealth.


Finish Wealthy™ is an intense hands-on customized accelerator that helps women shift from the rat race of making. This is done through coaching, consulting, equipping and training and leveraging over 26 years of finance and business experience to help you accelerate from
vision to implementation! With proven strategies, expect to advance, launch in multiples, build your legacy and leave an inheritance for generations.

The Finish Wealthy™ Team is led by Erica Brooks Henry, CEO of I Know My Value and Wealth & Marketplace Strategist. Other gurus
are Licensed Financial Professionals, Certified Project Managers and seasoned cross-functional Business Professionals. Collectively, the team champions increasing your value through growth strategies, insider insight and providing access to resources, tools and certifications to take a quantum leap in daily life and the marketplace.


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There is a difference between having money
and being wealthy. Money evaporates.
Wealth is holistic (spiritual, health and
financial) difference.


Accelerator Snapshot
● Live Finish Wealthy™ Mastermind
● Structure, Monetize & Scale Your Business
● Start Late, Finish Wealthy™ (Tactical Plan)
● Accelerate via Multiple Income Streams
● Structure, Monetize & Scale Your Business
● The Exit Strategy
● Preparing for Government and Corporate Contracts
● Securing Business Capital
● Level-up Your Brand & Media Exposure
● 2 – 1 hour 1x1 Coaching Sessions
● Like-minded Professionals Community
● Biweekly Coaching Support Calls for 3 months (monthly
thereafter until the 6 month milestone)
● Email Support for 6 months
○ Must Have Documents - Legal Will, Durable Power of Attorney,
Business Agreements
○ System Automation Masterclass

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Erica Brooks Henry is gifted to shift mindsets. Change Your Mindset;
Change Your Money. Change Your Money; See the Manifestation of Desired

● Chasing money and being a gerbil on a wheel. (leads to burnout)
● Microwave “get rich” quick mindsets. (leads to frustration)
● Uproots generational poverty thoughts and feeling stuck. (You are the
● The need for the “image of success” versus fruit.

Wealthy Woman take charge of your destiny and Finish Wealthy! Invest in
yourself today.

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Investment: $6,200 (value $9,997).
Payment plans are available. Contact



Erica has the ability to weave together spiritual and natural business processes that yield
fruitful results!

Jonathan Smith, Lawyer

Wealth & Marketplace Strategies.

God has given you the ability to get wealthy. We provide custom roadmaps.
Erica Brooks- Henry, Wealth Strategist.

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