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Building Wealth Starts With Our Mindset

I discovered that we can’t teach wealth until we help activate new mindsets. First, there is a

difference between having money and being wealthy. Money evaporates. Wealth reproduces

and is holistic (spiritual, health, finances).Many people prefer to have quick money than to

let the meat marinate with a plan to produce wealth and build legacy and leave an


Over the 21 years of being in finance, one of the primary mindset to observations witnessed is

that “some” of the African American community believe that “image is everything."That's

not biblical. “Fruit is everything.”We can have “the image of success “with absolutely no

fruit. How do I know? I owned a house at 24, drove a luxury car and was in the Aveda salon

weekly. I had the “image” of doing well at a young age, however, I was house poor. All I could

do was pay bills versus live (not the abundant life).

See just because we qualify for something doesn’t mean we can afford it. By 27, my

mindset started to shift because my associations were wise and good stewards.

I walked away from the stress of “image” and started over. From the non, I’ve actively

“participated in my own rescue “holistically with legacy in mind. No, I haven’t arrived. I just

decided to do better and share a long the way.

We are absolutely brilliant and it’s vital that we not only use our brilliance to establish a

legacy for generations to come, but, to expose others to what we learn. The wealth transfer is here. Let’s be intentional about not missing it.

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