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Outsourcing Helps You Pivot



I’m out sourcing a lot in my life. I don’t have time for DIY. Don’t recommend nothing DIY🚫 to me in business. I don’t want to learn graphic software to create my own stuff. Invoice me. I’m not building my own website although I know how. I’m sending a designer the content. I’m not mastering Sam. gov. I know enough to be dangerous, and I work closely with an expert who has. I’m not doing anything extravagant to my own hair. An amazing stylist will use their gift. I’m definitely not doing my own taxes. My seasoned tax professional does it better. Many of us get bogged down trying to do everything ourselves.

The learning curve takes us longer. Frustration adds more delay. Often we think we are saving money. In some cases, we are wasting time and creating unnecessary stress.We must know when to tap in and when to delegate. I’m not saying be blind to key things in business. It’s good to know how. Just because we can do something still doesn’t mean we always should. Investing in expertise is investing in ourselves.

We are worth the investment. E.B.H

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